Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just an update

So, Malcolm had his 1st birthday party! After some sister in law drama, we finally got it underway, and of course, he had a GREAT time!! Yay! It's so hard to believe he's already a year old! Where has the time gone?

Well, Matthew starts his new job on Thursday, after going through all of this training for the other job. Funny how God engineers stuff, isn't it? As most of you know, he got laid off from AMDS. Almost immediately, he was recruited to work for this company that did industrial cleaning and such. Funny thing is, that all of the training he did, Power washers, confined spaces, Hazmat... didn't seem to have anything to do with what he was actually doing. Pushing a broom, and hosing off the paint sprayers. Not sure exactly where that confined space is, inside that big booth that paints a car! LOL
Well... after a couple of weeks, his DREAM job called and wanted to interview him! Of course he jumped on it. And as of yesterday, he is now employed, doing exactly what he loves to do. Playing with electronics. LOL. Of course, it's more indepth than that, but I have a hard time not picturing him sitting there, giddy like a school boy, playing with gadgets.

After some VERY UNNEEDED drama with the family, the truth has been revealed. Gram is fine, though a little loopy at times. With her diabetes and dementia, she displays a few inappropriate behaviors, and has resorted to some very child like behaviors, but physically, she's as healthy as she can be. And to think, a certain cousin had her lying on her death bed, not more than a week ago. RIDICULOUS! So... yeah.. for more indepth blogging on that whole fiasco, you can check out my MySpace Blog.

With all that's been going on, I haven't had any time, let alone desire, to scrapbook, practice photography, or even photo edit. *sigh* Needless to say, I feel VERY behind on all of that... But... I DO have some pictures to share...

The birthday boy-getting ready for his big day!

The super cool, super huge birthday cake!

The total extent of his 'smash cake moment'.

LOVING the swings!! A LOT more than the cake, apparently. LOL

Birthday boy - Wandering off into the sunset.

Studio 13

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