Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's time to take it off...

No... NOT my clothes. LOL.

I'm tired of looking at m pictures, and trying to figure out how to edit some of this weight off of my arms, under my chin, around my middle. I do NOT like the way I look right now, and I've simply hit that wall. It's now, or never. I'm tired of getting mad because my jeans are tight. Or my shirt doesn't lay right. And I'm especially tired of trying to figure out how the image I have of me, when I look at myself, is so vastly different from the image I have of me when I either look in the mirror, or at a photograph...

So... it's time... I don't want to hate the camera anymore. I don't want to shy away from get togethers and family fun, because I refuse to wear a swimsuit.

So.. here's my goal!!! Of course, I shall keep this updated. And NO, I will not post my beginning weight, until I've lost a good deal of it. When I'm happier with how I feel, and look, then maybe I'll be brave enough to tell you all what I started at. Until then.... We'll just update with photos.

Starting Photo: (Yes, I've tried to find the most unflattering photos.)
Photobucket Photobucket

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