Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What a nice Weekend!

So, Mom came to visit for the weekend. We had a REALLY nice time! Not a lot of time was spent at home, but that's okay. We still had lots of fun!

We went out Saturday, to the Marion National Cemetery so she could go visit her Dad (my Grandfather). Long story short, she never knew him. Didn't even know about him until she was 45. So, seeing his grave for the first time, brought up a lot of emotion for her. She has questions, that of course, will probably never be answered now, with Gram in the midst of Alzheimer's. Of course, if she were well, those questions would probably remain unanswered as well. That's just the way of it. Any question that contains any amount of uncomfortability in it, get's answered with, "I don't know." Oh well. Hopefully, we have enough internet savvy people in the family now that the research can be done without having to go through Gram.

Other than that moment though, we were all smiles. Malcolm, of course, was in RARE form, exploring all of the new faces and sounds he could make with his face. LOL! PRICELESS! I'll post pictures later.

And speaking of pictures. We went, with Mom, to have our pictures taken! They don't come in until the 21st, but I did get a cd. As soon as I'm done creating the pictures I actually wanted, instead of the ones the photographer thought we should have, I'll post some of those too.. Not entirely happy with the finished products. Of course, it wasn't until the next day, when I REALLY got a good look at them, that I realized I wasn't happy with them. Will probably wait until I have the pictures, to call and complain about the session, and our lack of choices.

Well, for now, that's about it. Off to sweat away a few more pounds! Talk to you all later!

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