Monday, December 22, 2008

A good day...for the most part.
Current mood: moody

It's taken me more than three weeks, but today.. I had a pretty good day. Got up, got breakfast together, got breakfast dishes cleaned up, and actually started baking Christmas cookies and making Christmas candy!

Of course, all of this 'happy' activity was countered by an 18 month old who refused to listen. AT ALL.

Even as cold as it is (4 degrees right now and the warmest it's been) I didn't find myself falling into 'whoa is me'.

Of course now, I'm a little upset. I'm tired, I'm cold, and just generally in a crap mood. Perhaps I shouldn't have taken a nap, when I got tired. Maybe I should have just forced myself to stay awake. At the very least, I would still be in a better mood.

It doesn't help that I spent all morning baking, and cooking...And when my husband mentioned to our neighbor that I was doing so, he immediately put his hand out. Not literally... but you get the idea. I had plans to make little gift plates for people, and my husband doesn't understand why I'm upset that our neighbor's first response to my baking was, "Can I have some?" Just a stupid little question. But I was PLANNING on taking over a gift basket for Christmas. Now I'm of the frame of mind to just slap some on a plate and be done with it.... I don't know.. maybe I'm being unreasonable... but right now... I just don't care. I guess I can equate it to having a specific gift for someone in mind, and then finding out, three days before Christmas, that they went out and bought it for themselves.

I just want to start feeling better... ALL of the time... This up-down emotion thing is starting to get old.

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