Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm a Parent, and I'm human...

My first thought is that The Orange Rhino Challenge was a utter failure. But then, as I think about it more, no. No it wasn't. It has definitely awakened something in both myself and my husband. And though we didn't manage to keep with the challenge for more than a week, we ARE aware that something needs to change.

That said, I am reinstating the challenge. Day one. Afterall, we can't move forward, if we don't take that first step. Even if it's the second time we've taken that step, right?

I will admit. I was unhappy, discouraged, and angry that the yelling started up again. I was disheartened by the ease at which we fell back into that old routine. But, something sparked, and I suddenly realized this could be viewed like any other adventure we undertake in this house. I mean, we didn't become 'experts' at World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, or any of the other multitude MMO's that we play, either overnight, or on the first try. In those games, when battling some new task, or monster, we died. A lot. And we respawned, back at the beginning, to retry said quest or task. So... This boss, that I am now calling "The Dennis Banshee", won the first battle. We have respawned though, and we will gather our wits, restock our inventory with the appropriate wares, and forge on, head first, once again into this evil spawn's pit of destruction, and hopefully vanquish her this time.

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