Thursday, April 4, 2013

You Can't Yell When You Have A Mouth Full Of Jelly Beans!

4 days and still going! It's definitely been a challenge, but I feel so much better about my parenting! I've also discovered that it's almost impossible to yell with jelly beans in your mouth (thank you Easter bunny!) Until I get the hang of it, I may have to find a lower calorie way to 'distract' myself! LOL!

Some other Distractions I've discovered that work a LOT better than walking away or counting:

  • Sticking my head in the freezer to 'cool off'.
  • Grab a glass of water and "Swallow that Yell". A sip of cold water works wonders!
  • Grab the camera. It makes a much better picture, and my boys are such cheeseheads, they stop WHATEVER they're doing to pose for a camera

Yeah, the urge to snap and yell is still there. A LOT. It's only been four days. But a deep breath, and a silent, "I can do this." helps me to remember, I'm not just doing this for me. I'm doing this for them. 

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