Sunday, May 26, 2013

10 Years is Coming Up Fast!

Hard to believe that in just a couple of years, Matthew and I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage together. Quite the accomplishment, these days. But it doesn't end there. We will have actually been together, a solid couple, for 16 years! I'm pretty proud of that too.

So yeah, it's not taking place until June of 2016. But you know what? I'm a planner. That's what I do. Plan. And I'm not afraid to admit, I can be anal about details. If I enter into something, without feeling confident about the details, I panic. Big time. So... I'm checking out bridal fashion. I'm checking out venues. DJ's, Flowers, Cakes, all of the typical bridal fanfare. Why? Because, the ONE economy on this planet that has remained relatively stable, is the bridal economy. In three years, the cost of weddings isn't going to jump dramatically. And for the most part, neither are the trends. And let's face it. Chocolate cake will ALWAYS be in fashion. So... in order to put together a realistic budget, I am window shopping NOW. It gives us more time to figure it out. To save. And to pay for things, so that the cost doesn't kick our asses a month before the event.

So yeah. Scoff and laugh, and ask "Why are you doing this NOW?" That's why! Not that I have to explain it to you. But hey.. Never let it be said I wasn't willing to explain things.. in full detail, with a touch of attitude and snark to boot. Just so that we're on the same page, and there are no misunderstanding. ;)

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