Saturday, June 7, 2008

After the Chaos!

Today, though it was overcast, and windy, was not nearly as chaotic, or exciting as last night. LOL. We woke up, and got ourselves ready, and heading BACK for Canal Days. At 11am, the Grand Parade started. Though it was all local businesses, and 'small townish' it was LOTS of fun!! Local police and fire were there, with their lights and sirens blaring, creating fits of laughter from all the kids! I'll post pictures later, when we get new batteries for the camera.

After the LONG parade (It lasted over an hour! Which, for the size of THIS town... was HUGE lol), we headed over to the food tent. YUMMY Fair food! Philly cheese steak sandwiches were fabulous! And then, we went to the midway. No rides, since Malcolm is still too much of a midget, but we can dream for next summer! And today, we made the realization, Canal Days, while it's been a tradition for us every year, will soon become a small family event, since it comes every year, around the 6th of June! This will become, I'm sure, Malcolm's birthday fair! Hahaha.. He had a lot of fun watching the people, and of course, flirting the throngs of high school girls that roamed the area.

Of coure, no fair is complete without a loaded funnel cake! Powder sugar, chocolate syrup and strawberries! Matthew managed to devour his there, I had to get mine wrapped up, and take mine home. LOL. Malcolm, amazingly enough, wasn't very fond of it. He tried one bite, and afterwards, turned his head away.

After that, there wasn't reallly much else to do. So, it was time to start heading back. We passed by the Pop a Balloon, and of course, the carnie yells out, "Play a game, I'll give the baby a prize regardless!" So.. what the hell? We bought a game, and of course, Matthew says, "Oh, not for me, she's playing." Grrrr. so.. I missed the first dart, and then nailed the second two! WOOT! Malcolm walked away with a bright blue and peach colored puppy!

So, back through the craft area, and there was a booth there with pictures of babies EVERYWHERE. I stopped just to see what it was. A 'Cutest Baby Photo Contest'!! So, we paid the dollar, and Malcolm hammed it up! As soon as the site is up and running, I'll foward the website, so everyone can vote for Malcolm! It's a dollar to vote, but the more dollars he earns, the better his chances! Yay!

That was our last stop for the afternoon, so we headed for home. After getting Malcolm settled, we stepped outside, to take a GOOD look around our house. Praise GOD that there was NO damage at all! Again, just that super uply bush, that is getting ripped up soon anyway. LOL!

So, Happy Birthday to our sweet little boy! He's now officially ONE YEAR OLD, and I have about a dozen new gray hairs, from our 'exciting' night last night! LOL!!

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