Monday, June 2, 2008

God is so Great!

So, last Thursday, was kind of a crappy day. Well, I won't say the whole day. It started out well enough. Then Matthew came home like 30 minutes early. Something told me something was wrong.

Matthew was called in, and told that the company he works for is not doing all that great, and that they were going to lay off some people. 'I hate to see you go, I'm really sorry." is what the supervisor told him. In my 'humble' opinion, his words are nothing more than rehearsed, empty words to make himself feel better, for having to do a job that the General Manager SHOULD of done himself. See, Phil is a megalomaniac, who is under the firm belief that this company is his own little sandbox. And when he doesn't like you, or something you've done, instead of simply talking to you about it, like a grown up would, he kicks sand in your face, takes away his toys, and leaves, to go sulk in his office. He's even promoted this supervisor guy, 6 months after he got hired, to train him to do all of this 'work' so that HE himself doesn't have to do it. He sits in his office, playing with the latest batch of electronic goodies that he's purchased, using company money.

Okay, so, I got that out of my system. I would LOVE to say that to his face, but.. well.. yeah. Anyway.. As you can probably detect, this weekend was a bit stressful. Matthew and I seem to do REALLY well together, when times of crisis hit. As Ironic as that is, the 'stressful' part came to play when we tried to lay down to sleep. When our Mind's Eye went into overdrive, and started playing out scenario after scenario.

I should say that as soon as we talked Thursday afternoon, he was online, applying for Unemployment, and he called the temp agency to reactivate his name. So Friday, was spent running errands, (waiting for Staci and John to arrive, since we ran out of gas.. lol) and basically just taking care of 'regular' everyday stuff. Saturday, we tried to alleviate some stress by hitting the garage sales. We found a LOT of really nice deals. Lots of clothes for Malcolm, some scrapbooking stuff, and even a few things for Matthew! All in all, we might have spent between 20.00 and 30.00.

So...Sunday wasn't all that bad. We more or less just spent the day together. Being a Sunday, there wasn't much that we COULD do, so, we tried our best not to stress about things.

Then today, Monday, at about 9am, we got a call from the Temp agency. They found something for Matthew! So.. we talked about. There wasn't a lot of information, as the agency only got the account last week, but.. this was what we decided. Accept the job. IF it turns out that the job is horrible, or that it isn't what was advertised, no harm, no foul, at least you tried. Then the mailman came. And OH GLORY! A notice from the unemployment office, saying his application had been approved, and another from the IRS, stating we should be receiving our stimulus check BY the 6th! So, we went down to the office, filled out Matthew's paperwork, and then went to the party supply store to check out what they had. At this point I still had NO idea what kind of theme I wanted to do for Malcolm's party...

Well.. they had a 1st birthday set that was PERFECT! It will match his cake PERFECTLY!! AND...we also decided on a large bouquet of balloons! I'm so excited right now, because until now, it was, "I really HOPE we can do all of this. I HOPE this will fit into our budget." Now, with everything falling into place, we are in the mindset of, "Yay! Now we CAN do it!"

So... yes! GOD IS GREAT!!!!

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